Scholarship Conditions

Each Beinecke Scholar receives a total of $35,000 in support of his or her graduate education. The initial payment of $5,000 is awarded directly to the student prior to entering graduate school. This award is intended to offset the costs associated with the graduate application process and to pay for travel expenses directly related to the start of graduated school. While in graduate school, a Beinecke Scholar will receive an additional $30,000 in support. These funds are awarded as a supplement to support provided by the graduate school and the award may be spread over up to five years to comply with institutional limits on the total amount of a student’s annual award. In the absence of institutional support or limits, scholars may receive a maximum award of $15,000 per year. These funds are sent directly to the financial aid officer of the institution where the student is enrolled and disbursed in accordance with the scholarship policy of the academic institution.

In addition, the following policies apply to the award:

  • A scholar must be attending an accredited graduate school as a full-time student in good academic standing in order to receive funding.
  • A scholar must utilize all funding within five years of graduation.
  • A scholar is allowed to take a one-year leave of absence immediately following graduation, but is normally expected to enter graduate school and begin receipt of the Beinecke funding in the following year. A scholar who receives a National Science Foundation, Marshall, Fulbright, Rhodes, Gates or similar scholarship is allowed to postpone receipt of the Beinecke award until the student has completed study under those programs. However, a scholar is still expected to utilize the Beinecke funding within the five-year period following graduation.
  • Students who are selected to receive the Truman Scholarship will not be awarded the Beinecke Scholarship.
  • A scholar who is unsuccessful in gaining admission to graduate school may petition the program director for permission to defer funding for an additional year.